Salento International Film Festival
Program and Special Events

Date:.September 10-15, 2024

Location: . Tricase, Bisceglie | Puglia

We are excited to present to you soon in July the program, special events and guests who will make your experience at Siff unforgettable. Get ready for six days of pure cinematic magic, where art comes to life and transports you to new and fascinating worlds.

Follow us on our social channels and on the official website to stay updated on every detail of the program and to participate in the online initiatives that we will prepare for you.

Join us to celebrate the magic of cinema in the heart of Salento. Get ready for a magical experience that will leave you speechless. We are waiting for you to experience six unforgettable days together!

Official hashtag: #SalentoFilmFestTricase | #SalentoFilmFestBisceglie
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