Join as a Volunteer at the Salento International Film Festival: Immerse Yourself in the Heart of Cinema!

The Salento International Film Festival invites you to become an integral part of its exciting journey into the world of cinema. We are looking for energetic, passionate, and motivated volunteers ready to dive into an unprecedented human and cultural adventure.

Why Become a Volunteer?

  • Passion for Cinema: If cinema runs through your veins and you wish to experience the magic of an international festival up close, this is your call.
  • Multidisciplinary Experience: From technical support to hospitality, from graphic design to event production, we offer a variety of roles that allow you to explore new skills or deepen those you already possess
  • Human Connection: Be part of a dynamic team that shares your passion. Build bonds, exchange ideas, and work closely with professionals and enthusiasts from the industry.
  • Significant Contribution: Your volunteer work is essential to the festival’s success. Through your commitment, you directly contribute to art and culture, making a difference.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Hospitality and Flow Management: Become the friendly face of the festival, guiding the audience through an unforgettable experience.
  • VR Demonstrations and Sales: Dive into the latest cinema innovations and support the festival’s commercial activities.
  • Technical and Creative Support: From translation to subtitling, from photography to communication, there are endless possibilities to showcase your talent.
  • Organization and Production: Actively participate in setting up and managing events, ensuring that every detail is perfect.

How to apply?

Are you ready to jump aboard this cinematic adventure? Submit your application and tell us why you want to become a volunteer at the Salento International Film Festival. We are looking for people with flexible availability, ready to dedicate a few hours a day to make a difference.

This is not just an opportunity to be part of an event, but a chance to grow, learn, and live an experience you will remember forever.

Are You Ready to Be Part of the Magic?

Join us in creating an unforgettable festival and in bringing the magic of cinema to the heart of Salento. Submit your application now and start your journey into the world of cinema with the Salento International Film Festival!









Press Office

Reception Management


Organizational Secretariat

Number of volunteers required

Period of presence on site required,
From 9 to 15 September 2004

Event location:
Salento – Puglia – Italy


Reimbursement of expenses:

Prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV):
Be sure to highlight your skills, past experience, and any specific skills that might be useful for the volunteer role..

Cover letter:
Write a short cover letter explaining why you are interested in volunteering at the Salento International Film Festival. Highlight your passion for cinema, and how your skills can contribute to the success of the event.

Provide clear information about your availability, indicating the days and time slots in which you are available to volunteer

Role Specificity:
If possible, specifically mention what role you would prefer to play during the festival.

Motivation Statement: Conclude your application with a statement that reflects your motivation in wanting to participate in this human adventure and contribute to the success of the event

Good luck with your application! Volunteering for a film festival can be an incredible and rewarding experience.