Our history

TheSalento International Film Festival was born in 2004 in Tricase in Salento, the “Gateway to the East” has always been a centrifuge of cultures and traditions of the East and West thanks to the history of all the civilizations that lived and influenced the heel of Italy until a few centuries ago.

The Salento International Film Festival has become an international event for its Traveling Festival concept which began in 2010 in London. Since then Siff World has presented and presents many films and events in various international destinations including Zurich, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong, Santiago del Cile, Yerevan, Oslo, Reykjavikand many other cities.

Over the years, Siff has become a prestigious event thanks to the artistic value of the festival, the beauty and elegance of the location but above all thanks to the international personalities who participate: testimonies from different worlds to offer a heterogeneous vision of cinema, l art and culture. An innovative formula characterized by the high quality of its contents and detailed research into the forms of contemporary cultural expressions and with the awareness of the fact that cinema is today the most powerful form of cultural communication and bond between cultures and peoples.

Siff is now an established reality in the panorama of national and international cinematographic events. Our belief that cinema is one of the most powerful forms of cultural communication and bonding between peoples is always strong.

Our Vision

  • Siff reflects a remarkable commitment to promoting knowledge, tolerance and cultural diversity through cinema. The importance of representing cultural diversity through film selection highlighting stories from around the world, offering audiences a window into the richness of human experiences.
  • Promoting cinema in any language not only as an art form, but also as a vehicle for intercultural understanding as linguistic diversity contributes to the richness of the cinematic landscape and global understanding.
  • ​ 223 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione Our commitment to actively involving the local community in the festival. Organize workshops, educational events and special screenings to engage audiences and encourage active community participation.
  • Social responsibility initiatives, with a commitment to green or sustainable practices as an integral part of our mission
  • cultural organizations, academic institutions. Translation results Translation results Collaborations with international film festivals, cultural organizations, academic institutions creating a global network of cultural exchange.

Some of the events in Salento and around the world