Become a Protagonist of Change: Support the Salento International Film Festival

In a world that moves fast, there are moments that deserve to be lived intensely, moments that enrich the soul and broaden horizons. The Salento International Film Festival (SIFF) represents one of these unique moments, a bridge between cultures, stories, and dreams that come to life through the magic of international independent cinema.

For over two decades, the SIFF has been lighting up the nights of Salento, bringing with it a wind of novelty, emotion, and discovery. It has become a beacon of cultural excellence, a must-attend event for enthusiasts, filmmakers, and critics from all over the world. But to continue to offer this space for meeting and inspiration, we need you.

Your Contribution Makes a Difference

Today, more than ever, your support is essential. Donations are the beating heart that allows the festival to thrive, remain accessible to all, and continue to be a stage for the most authentic voices of independent cinema.

By donating to the Salento International Film Festival via PayPal, you will directly contribute to:

  • Support Emerging Talent: Help emerging filmmakers showcase their work on an international platform.
  • Promote Culture: Contribute to keeping alive the tradition of a unique cultural event that enriches the cultural fabric of Salento and beyond.
  • Ensure Accessibility: Guarantee that the festival remains an event for everyone, promoting inclusivity and access to culture.

How to Donate?
Making a donation is simple and quick. Just click on the “DONATE” link at the bottom or on the right and follow the instructions. Every contribution, large or small, makes a big difference.

Join Us in This Adventure

Choosing to support the SIFF means believing in the transformative power of cinema and in the ability of the arts to unite people. With your help, we can continue to offer a haven for the imagination, a space for reflection, and a showcase for stories that deserve to be told.

For questions or more information on how your contribution will be used, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Your support is not just a donation; it is an investment in the future of cinema, in culture, and in future generations of artists and enthusiasts. Support the Salento International Film Festival today and become an integral part of our story.

Naregatsi Folk Instruments Orchestra in Concert
September 9, 2018 – Pisanelli Square