The Salento Film Festival offers you the opportunity to align your brand with our community programming and educational outreach initiatives throughout the year. Vogliamo collaborare con sponsor che condividano la nostra visione di fare del bene nel contesto delle arti e della cultura non solo cinematografica.

Why Sponsor the Salento Film Festival

  • Brand Exposure: We highlight your brand across our communications channels, including social media, promotional materials and at festival events.
  • Community Involvement:strong Actively participate in educational and community outreach activities, demonstrating your social commitment and corporate responsibility.
  • Online and Offline Visibility: Benefit from visibility on online and offline platforms, reaching a large audience of film fans and culture supporters.
  • Feeling Good Doing Good: Join our commitment to promoting the art of cinema and contribute to the well-being of the local community through cultural and educational projects.

How to Become a Sponsor:

Contact us today to discuss sponsorship opportunities customized to meet your company’s needs and goals. Contact us on 328 708 7503 or by email: info@salentofilmfestival.com

Join us in making the Salento Film Festival a catalyst for positive change and cultural growth. Feel good while doing good with the Salento Film Festival!