A film by Maqbool Ahmad Durrani

Country: Pakistan Year: 2024 Duration: 92 min. Language: Urdu Subtitles: Italian

The film tells the story of Raza, a 10-year-old boy, and his mother Sajida, who live within the Hazara community in Quetta, protected by barricades to escape the threat of genocide. One day, Raza decides to embark on a journey alone, facing his fears and prejudices. Meanwhile, Sajida, torn between the desire to protect her son and that of personal freedom, anxiously awaits her return. Raza explores a world full of life but also danger, as mother and son face their fears and the harsh realities of life. The story reflects on human resilience and the mother-child bond, leading to the discovery of new freedom and a sense of purpose in the midst of adversity.


Maqbool Ahmad Durrani

Durrani has accumulated over twenty-six years of experience in the broadcast media industry. She started as a production assistant in 1998, working with a freelance drama director for a year. Subsequently, he became a freelance assistant director for Combine Productions in Karachi for two years. In 2001, he began his directorial career with Indus Vision, delving into storytelling and directing skills for two years. Since 2003 he has become a freelance director and screenwriter, collaborating with various production companies and television channels. From 2007 to 2013, he worked as a producer for Geo TV Network Pakistan, helping to create compelling content. In 2013, he founded his own media company and collaborated with several organizations and the government of Balochistan. He currently focuses on developing a film script, serving as both writer and director, seeking to create a cinematic experience that deeply touches audiences.

Director’s Notes

The main purpose of the film is not to protect but to control, there are more than 100 barriers in an area of ​​20 km around the city of Quetta, where most of the Pashtun, Baloch and Hazara communities live, it has become part of people’s lives It’s common to cross barriers every day. Especially the barrier around the Hazara community area has made their youth strangers in their own city and forced them to live in isolation. Due to psychological trauma people do not behave normally. The State is not interested in solving the problem of terrorism and governments limit themselves only to media statements and manipulations. In 40 years no terrorist has been brought to justice, which raises doubts and many questions.

& Credits

DIRECTOR: Maqbool Ahmad Durrani SCREENWRITER: Maqbool Ahmad Durrani, Naseem Javed Hazara PHOTOGRAPHY: Farham Alam EDITING: Zeeshan Shah MUSIC: Amir Borila PRODUCER: Farham Alam, Mohammad Dawood, Maqbool Ahmad Durrani: .CAST Semi Agha, Idrees Hamad, Ayaz Ali, Durdana Baloch