A documentary by Lorenzo Scaraggi

Country: Italy Year: 2023 Duration: 70 min. Language: Italian Subtitles: English

Nation: ItalyThe documentary “Biopatriarchi” by Lorenzo Scaraggi explores the vital role of biodiversity in agriculture and its potential impact on the future of humanity. Set in Puglia, in the heart of southern Italy, the film immerses itself in the stories of men and women who are the last custodians of rare plant varieties. These ‘biopatriarchs’, a term coined to describe those who protect and cultivate ancient plant species, are portrayed as modern heroes in the field of environmental conservation.aYear: 2023 Duration: 70 min. Language: Italian Subtitles: English

Through meetings with scientists, farmers and young innovators, the documentary illustrates how agricultural practices based on crop diversity can offer sustainable solutions to current ecological and food problems. These protagonists work not only to keep plant species alive that might otherwise disappear, but also to counteract the global homogenization of agriculture, which often favors quantity over quality and variety.

“Bipopatriarchi” focuses on the invaluable value of preserving these ancient varieties for future generations, highlighting how such practices not only enrich cultural heritage, but also contribute to greater resilience of ecosystems. The documentary aims to show that a conscious and respectful approach towards the earth and its resources is essential for a sustainable future. This cinematic journey pays homage to the silent but essential commitment of those who dedicate their lives to this cause, underlining the importance of greater environmental awareness and respect for our food roots


Lorenzo Scaraggi

Lorenzo Scaraggi is a journalist, video reporter and director born in 1976. Having graduated in literature, Scaraggi transformed his curiosity into a profession, dedicating himself to traveling and documenting different realities. He has produced numerous reports focused on social issues and the consequences of conflicts. In 2012, Scaraggi purchased and transformed a 1982 camper van, nicknamed Vostok100k in honor of the first human space mission, into a mobile newsroom. Using the Vostok, he has undertaken several documentary journeys, including a 20,000 kilometer tour along the borders of Europe in 2016, reported for Repubblica TV.

In 2017 he created a project commissioned by MIBACT, exploring cultural itineraries in southern Italy and telling stories through social networks. In 2018 he directed “Lungomare Italia”, a journey along the Italian coast inspired by a work by Pasolini, with a column on Radio 2. 2019 marks Scaraggi’s debut in the field of documentaries with “Madre Nostra”, available on Amazon Prime Video, followed by “Ionian, a dialogue between two seas” in 2020, which explores the ties between Italy and Greece. In 2021 he wrote and directed “Kintsugi”, a documentary on the topic of childhood educational poverty, which premiered at the GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 2022. Lorenzo Scaraggi continues to explore and tell meaningful stories that connect cultures, places and people.


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