A film by Alban Zogjani

Country: Albania Year: 2024 Duration: 94 min. Language: Albanian  Subtitles: Italian

Alban Zogjani’s latest film, “Ocarina,” tackles the profound and intense theme of immigration, a pressing issue that resonates deeply with humanity. Set in a peaceful English town, the film immerses us in the lives of Shaqa and Selvia, a middle-aged couple from Kosovo who have left their homeland to join their two daughters in the United Kingdom. Their existence, though modest, is dignified: Selvia works as a maid in the luxurious residence of a wealthy Italian businessman, while Shaqa nurtures his passion for woodworking, specializing in the production of wind instruments, including the ocarina, after which the film is named. However, their tranquility is shattered by the arrival of a letter from the Immigration Office denying the renewal of their residence permit, plunging the family into a crisis that threatens to shatter their dreams of a peaceful future. With the sword of deportation hanging over their heads, Shaqa and Selvia face tough choices that test their moral values. The decisions they make will have unforeseen repercussions, not only on themselves but on the entire family, bringing to light the cruel irony of a fate that seems intent on separating them just when they most wish to stay together.

“Ocarina” is a work charged with emotional tension and social critique, exploring the growing gap between individuals and institutions through powerful storytelling and visually captivating scenes. The complexity of the characters, though bordering on caricature at times, only adds depth to the story, making “Ocarina” a must-see film for those who seek a reflection of contemporary society’s most current and burning issues in cinema.


Alban Zogjani

Born in 1986 in Pristina, in 2005 he founded ASHA, initially operating exclusively as a graphic services company, before expanding to include video production services in 2007. In 2014, he also founded a marketing agency: One Shop – Stop. During this time, he completed his studies at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, Faculty of Graphic Design, before moving on to the film directing department. After his university and work experiences, he directed his first short film “Dear Nita” under the ASHA label, winning the “Barcelona Film Festival” award. He continued his successful cinematic journey with “EHO”, a film by Dren Zherka, which won the “Silver Zenith” award in the debut film category at the Montreal World Film Festival.


“Dear Nita” 2015 (Short Film) Screenplay/Director
“EHO” 2016 (feature film – Director: Dren Zherka) Producer
“The Last Battle” 2016 (Short Film) Screenplay/Director
“Three” 2017 (Short Film – Director: Jehona Berisha) Producer
Producer of “Beyond Our Mountains” (short film – Director: Madeline Johnson).
Producer of “Silent 2019” (Short Film – Director: Lum Berisha).
“Okarina” 2024 (feature film) Director/Co-producer

& Credits

DIRECTED BY Alban Zogjani SCREENPLAY: Albana Muja PHOTOGRAPHY: Alex Bloom EDITING: Jon Saqipi, PRODUCERS: Rita Krasniqi, Dren Zherka CAST: Jehon Gorani, Shengyl Ismajli, Kastriot Shehi, Flaka Latifi, Rina Krasniqi