A film by Wendy Bednarz

Country: United Arab Emirates Year: 2023 Duration: 109 min. Language: Arabic, English, Hindi, Tagalog, UrduSubtitles: Italian

Based on true events, the film follows an Indian family living in the Persian Gulf as they face an unspeakable tragedy after their youngest daughter is left to die on a school bus in the sweltering desert heat. Consumed by her grief, the girl’s mother, Anada (Tannishtha Chatterjee), sets out to seek the truth about her daughter’s death and find out who should be held responsible for her. As the charges unfold, Anada asks each suspect to face their darkest secrets and own their part in this senseless tragedy.


Wendy Bednarz

Wendy Bednarz is a writer and director with a career spanning fashion, film and visual art. She began working in the fashion industry in New York with Stephen Sprouse, an experience that influenced her love of the unusual and of still and moving images. Her work spans multicultural narratives across various media, including film, photography, and video installations. Her works have been exhibited at major institutions such as the MoMA in New York and the Venice Film Festival, and she has received awards such as the Cine Golden Eagle and the Independent Film Award. She Wendy is also the author of the children’s book “The Pistachio Tree”, based on the stories of the Syrian refugees she worked with in Turkey. As a director, you have made several short films and documentaries, including “Burning Money” and “Yellow Bus”, your first feature film.

Director’s Notes

“”Yellow Bus” is not just a film, it is an emotional journey through the desert and human diversity. In this arid landscape, a shocking tragedy brings to light the complex socioeconomic realities of the Gulf, touching the hearts of viewers with the story of a mother determined to find forgiveness and peace after her daughter’s unjust death was a challenge. As an Indian expatriate immersed in Arab culture, she faced profound questions about her legitimacy in telling such an intimate story. universal. Through years of reflection and multicultural experiences, he found his voice and decided to share this touching story with the world. Now, I hope that “Yellow Bus” can break stereotypes and illuminate an often forgotten corner of the world, starting conversations that allow us to look at the world with new and more open eyes.

& Credits

DIRECTOR: Wendy Bednarz SCREENWRITER: Wendy Bednarz PHOTOGRAPHY: Sofian El Fani PRODUCER:Nadia Eliewat, Guneet Monga . CAST: Tannishtha Chatterjee, Amit Sial, Kinda Alloush MongaCAST: Tannishtha Chatterjee, Amit Sial, Kinda Alloush